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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Thumbnailing Some More)

Desperately tying to find the look here and I find I am struggling, but I will not give up!

The first image is an idea for introducing the cell. These white wire discs split open and reveal the cell in a revolve on the screen. This cell is just for the purposes of this example I have yet to finalize designs for it. (Its also the part I am struggling most with.)

Below is the latest layout design I have been working on. Using one of the text box designs from an earlier thumbnailing session. I believe it is now one of the weakest parts of the image and should match the striated themes down the edges of the page, or maybe the vague honeycomb pattern in the background. Either way some progress is being made. I hope to have a whole sheet of layouts for comparison using similar base elements as this design.

Here are some experiments with colour but also a little contrast and saturation using the above layout. Again I have a habit of saturating things too much, to the point it looks like it belongs on a kids TV show. I'm not sure if I have a particular preference for any colour. Feedback on any ideas would be appreciated.

Below are some experiments with tech-like typefaces. These would most likely be used for the titles of each cell organelle and a different set of typefaces for the block text for ease of reading. Those should be finalized shortly I should think. (Most of these, if not all, were downloaded from Dafont.com) Let me know which titles you think work best on the background.


  1. i like this icy blue and 'eurostile' - though I think using only lower case would look more cool.

  2. I also like the Ice blue and the green background and I think that Eurostile and unity dances is very lovely :). I also like your opening idea on how to introduce the cell i could a imagine a great swoosh sic fi sound effect when it appears.

  3. Ice Blue looks really great! The layout looks very professional in general, I like it a lot!
    Also - Tonik BRK might be good for captions/titles/tabs, but for the rest of the text you would have to choose something simplier : D
    It's looking cool though! Keep it up : )