Thursday, 7 March 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Thumbnails)

Well I have been trying to work on my idea's. Initially I tried to start with a layout of the screen when viewing the animation. A data window would be on the left hand side with scrolling information and the cell under a spotlight on the right, revolving at an even pace. I feel I made these colours far too bright and naive for a first try and the layout just doesn't seem teen friendly. It feels like it should be on the Cbeebies channel in retrospect, but there's time for improvement.

Unhappy with the earlier attempts at the layout, I tried to find a way to jazz up the text box containing the information on the cell and organelles. I would like there to be an element of transparency to the box. In the most case it is 50% grey. However for a gradient effect I have also made parts of some of these boxes more opaque.

Here is my biggest struggle of all. How my Eukaryotic cell should look. Searching up images of the cells threw up a variety of types in many colours due to the fact scientists stain them for various experiments. They mostly semi transparent, revealing the nucleus.
In my experiments below, I looked at the possibility of having a cell that is opaque or slightly transparent. And another feature would be whether or not to make the cell a character, adding eyes and expressions, or leaving it as simply a cell. At the moment I am completely at a loss as to what would suit my idea better, bearing in mind this is for A-level students

Finally here was an idea that came to mind, when focusing on particular organelles within the cell. The key frames of the visuals are sketched out below.

 Also instead of having the organelle fly out of the cell as depicted in 'stage4', it would be just as easy to have a camera zoom in to the cell for closer inspection in Maya.

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