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Friday, 15 March 2013

Project: The Fantastic Voyage- (Silent Animatic)

This is the raw version of my animatic, obviously it still needs sound. I am thinking a kind of techy ambience; beeps, whooshes, zips and crackling noise.
Unfortunately a few directional arrows are missing- the key one indicating the organelles and the main cell are permanently rotating at a lethargic pace...


  1. Hi Emily,

    What your animatic shows me is how dynamic all those transitions are going to be - very satisfying, and the overall look of your piece is conveyed here very well. The only thing I'd say is that there is a lot of information expressed as text which I'm reading on screen; now, this isn't necessarily a weakness, because obviously you're making an animation that is 'information rich' and useful in terms of revision, and in order for it to be useful it NEEDS all this information. I don't know, but I'm tempted to suggest that an accompanying voice-over might be effective - if only to 'announce' the different segments or summarise. Likewise, if the text were to appear in stages (which might be your intention anyway) - so that the info is loaded onto the screen in paragraphs - in a staggered way - because there can be something a bit 'eye-wearying' about seeing a whole wall of text, even though it's easy enough to read. If I was watching this version of the animatic at the pitch, I'd certainly be discussing ways with you to ensure that the experience was as information-rich and yet as pacy as possible - it's a balancing act, but I do think you might need to think about methods for keeping the energy nice and high even when there's lots for us to take in.

    1. I think what I had in mind for the introduction of the text was it appears as though being typed at high speed. Like the coding on PC's as they start up... I'm sure there must be an effect on After Effects for it. But yes I think I should stagger it more. Everyone baulks a masses of text on a time limit!
      Now I see that I probably do want a voice over, but I'm worried I won't get anything sorted or placed for the pitch on Monday. And on another note, I realized I completely forgot to sub-head each transition with the organelle in question. As the transition is completed a title was supposed to fuzz into view stating Mitochondria etc- I'm going to try and rectify that problem before monday.

      Thanks for the feedback Phil

  2. Read carefully!


    (and don't worry, Emily - the feedback from the pitch will be useful for you whatever happens - because your concept is clear enough to invite a bit of polish and advice - which is the point :) - don't stress!)