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Monday, 22 April 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Lighting Tests)

Its one of the last things to be done before I finally animate the whole thing and put it together. And it really adds something to the look of the cell I think. I used a mix of directional lights and spotlights to achieve these looks.

1. One directional light- clearly far too dark to see anything.

2. A directional Light and Spotlight from above- matters are improving...

3. Two opposing directional lights and a spotlight from above- This sees everything fairly lit but all have dark shadows below.

4. Two directional lights (from opposite directions) and two spotlights, above and beneath- Now everything is lit up rather brightly, too brightly perhaps

5. Two Spotlights, above and beneath, one directional light- this might be the between ground I have been looking for...


  1. Yep - 5 is looking good :) Though maybe those highlights on the cell are still a bit bleaching? Maybe dial them back a smidgen more?

  2. Wooo! Looking awesome, I love the detail of the models inside the cell. Great work!