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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Pre Vizualization)

Below is the first full attempt at Pre-Viz I have made, complete with sound effects.

I have noticed there are a few issues that could do with being fixed that both can and cannot be seen.
The first big booboo would have to be that I skipped clean over one frame of my final storyboard near the beginning. Not  intentionally- I completely forgot to account for it when animating in Maya and it only struck me recently, having almost completed the pre-viz. For now I will leave it as it is, however this begs the question do I really need to add in that scene...? Its is simply introducing the idea you can tap an organelle once and it reveals a label identifying it. So...

yes ?  no?

Now, apologies for the random pink and yellow lines through the screen, this would be where I forgot to hide the camera rigs when playblasting they are easily fixed. But more irritatingly when playblasting the window that rendered changed in size, so that is why there is that godawful transition in the Golgi Body section as the text box is drawn out.

If you are wondering what the tap in the top left corner is all about, it is where there will be a small logo operating as the 'home' button, so that a user of this app can return to the full view of the cell from the close up of various organelles. This can just about be seen in my storyboard slides....

... It will appear only when the camera is 'in' the cell for a close up and disappear when the camera has reverted to the full view of the cell having been touched.

If there is one big question, it is the speed at which the cell revolves, is it too slow? At the moment is makes a 360 revolution with every 200 frames in Maya (at 25fps) But bearing in mind the idea that this would be an app, you would be interacting with the miniature organelles. If the cell spins too fast, trying to click the organelle you want could prove to be difficult and very annoying.... Whatever happens, the next time round I am going to have to sit and do some maths to ensure I keep those rotations constant!

As a final note, any feedback on this pre-viz would be hugely appreciated!

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