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Monday, 22 April 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (UV Mapping and Bump mapping)

So I've been trying to add textures and bump maps to the key organelles within the cell. in my case  this is the Nucleus, Mitochondria and the Golgi Body. Although the Pre-Viz looked OK I feel there was some 'oomph' missing (aside from the lacking text content.)

Golgi Apparatus

So I began with the meanest of the models, the Golgi Apparatus. In order to UV map this I was guided to divide up the body again into the separate 'lumen' (?... I think that is what they are called). I then had to map each one using a mixture of planar and cylindrical mapping. It took me absolutely ages to get this done and I have some terrible seams. So these will have to be covered to my best abilities with the photoshopped textures.

In trying to do a test run I have used both an image and a bump map to create this texture.The bottle green is a little intense so I will probably work on that when I adjust the edges of the images in photoshop. I could still just as easily eradicate the image and keep the bump map so as not to kill off the fairly clean organic look that has been the most common motif in my design. I will have to experiment further.


The next few thumbnails are various tests using a multitude of textures and in some cases colours. At the moment I want the Golgi to look the proper texture... slightly 'blobby', or as though it has been made from thousands of cells.

                                                    1                                                      2

                                                   3                                                        4

                                                   5                                                         6


Next up came a slightly simpler object, or so I thought. The Mitochondria. It was in fact an absolute nightmare to unwrap!! Simon did the whole thing for me. But the result was a far better bump map than previously. Unfortunately, in a bid to sort out the issues I never actually screengrabbed the 'before', I only have the result of Simon's hard work evidenced here.


Finally I look to the Nucleus. The simplest design so far to UV map and texture. 

The subsequent images are developments in which I added the bump map and then added the attributes necessary to the final nucleus I need, unfortunately the last image doesn't come up too well despite being exactly what is needed for my cell. 
1. Addition of the bump map to an opaque lambert
2. Adding transparency to the lambert
3. Finally adding a dark purple lambert to the genetic material within the cell.

                                                    1                                                       2


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