Wednesday, 8 May 2013

CG Artists Toolkit- (Blend Shapes with Inbetweens, Wire Deformers, Render Layers-Maya Software, Render Layers-Depth of Field)

Blend Shapes with Inbetweens

Cracking on with blend shapes I returned to this one having had some difficulties with it earlier in the day. The slider blended both shapes before I had asked it to do so, which was rather odd, but pressing onward it seemed to behave properly. I tried to upload the render from after effects and a playblast but blogger couldn't upload them for whatever reason. So I've sampled a series of render stills below.

Wire Deformers

Here is the first attempt at wire deformers, I think I might prefer sculpting a little more however t is better to know more than one method in which to create these deformations. Out of the test runs completed below I think the leas effective one is the 'surprised face' ironically. It looks more sarcastic than surprised.

                                               Frown                                         Raised Eyebrow
                                          Neutral Face                                      Surprised face

Render Layers Maya Software

Creating render layers in Maya in two different two ways and then After Effects is certainly helping me to remember the process through repetition. Each version behaved slightly differently when creating, so I'm not sure if the values are quite right, for example the flat colour layer in my render layers was far darker than the tutorial version.

Comp1- Maya Software Basic

Comp2- Maya Software Advance

 Comp3- After Effects Render

Render Layers-Depth of Field

This tutorial helps to create a lovely effect that really draw the eye and has a great cinematic quality. Version1 is the depth of field achieved in Maya Software, Version2 is the depth of field achieved in Photoshop. There was a Version3 that was never completed, namely because the 'lens blur' feature was not accessible. The closest option available was 'Camera lens blur', but with the different settings it was more confusing than helpful. So I simply watched the remainder of the tutorial for a better understanding of after effects. Version4 consisted of separate render passes for the depth of field and beauty pass and then assembled on photoshop

                                           Version1                                               Version2


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