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Thursday, 9 May 2013

CG Artists Toolkit- (Render Layers- Mental Ray, Stereo Camera)

Render Layers- Mental Ray

I had issues with this for a little while before finding out that the seat of the problem was that the textures in the file were missing. (I thought I had done something stupid for ages.) I continued with the tutorial anyway and below are the (semi)complete comparisons. A is the composition reassembled in Photoshop B is the (not quite) 'beauty' render directly taken out from Maya.

                                                  A                                                           B

Stereo Camera Rigs

Warning: Blast from the past! here we replicated that age old anaglyph technique. All this needs is a pair of red and blue specs to complete that 3D viewing! The first image is just a still assemble in photoshop. The next is a turn around sequence in 3D!

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