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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Progress...)

Things seemed to be going backwards earlier this week. I created some still renders of my scenes with the background tinted so that it would reflect the values of the background I'd import into after effects later. Unfortunately, on importing all into After Effects the Nucleus in particular looks sickly with my intended background. I ground to almost a halt for a couple of days trying to sort out the issue, trying to get my head around alpha channels in Maya and how to sort out my rather off nucleus.

Maya Test Render (That I was very proud of!)           Combo of Maya Transparency and Background

(Intended Background)

I made no progress for a few days and discovered that fortunately everything looked absolutely fine when placed directly into Premier Pro. So it was time to just get on from there and figure out the rest of alpha layers and Maya later. As for effects littler ones that don't involve my main renders in Adobe After Effects will have to suffice for now.

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