Friday, 31 May 2013

Sketchbook Stuff (Pages 34 - 41)

Here are a few scans of pages from my sketchbook. The plan is to have filled the whole thing by the end of summer, fingers crossed. I'll upload the whole thing as a scribd document at the end.
Now some of these pages might seem familiar due to the fact I have just worked into them a little more. I find there are a few pages that just cannot be left alone until they are full of stuff...

P.S. If you're wondering what happened to pages 1-33, they're here in my Animation Sketchbook


  1. Why haven't I seen this post?! :I
    Your sketchbooks are always really interesting to look through! I want to see more! : D

    Samantha the seagull is going home... I should print this one out : D haha

    1. Thank you Sam! :D Don't worry there will be more, i am working on my sketchbook, although... rather more slowly than anticipated ^.^