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Friday, 11 October 2013

CG Artists Toolkit: Head Modelling (Part 1)

Below are the progressive snapshots of a head being modeled in Autodesk Maya. Everything begins with blocking in. In this case taking a cube and pulling vertices and edges into a very basic head shape (with the addition of a few bits of geometry.)

 The next step is simply to add more geometry outlining the mouth better preparing a space for the nose and also refining the eye socket slightly. Adjusting vertices as you go along to flesh out the head shape better.

The third part involves adding shape to the lips. Here some extrusion was involved and the addition of new geometry. Suddenly the face seems less creepy and mask like a a little more characterized.

And finally (for now at least) the eyes are worked into. A lot of geometry is added here (many rings) in order to create the eyelids and the shape of the socket. The addition of a temporary eye giving the model a little more character.

The next steps are to create the nose and ear which will be completed shortly...

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