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Monday, 14 October 2013

Character Design- The Briefing

So this term we are expected to create a series of characters. A Hero, A villain and a sidekick with the guidance of illustrator Justin Wyatt. Now I really like this aspect of design, so I was really excited for our session, especially to find out the subjects upon which to build our characters. With a pack of cards in hand and a guide on screen Justin shuffled and dealt out our subjects. Mine are as follows.

Creature: Animals
Genre: Post Apocalypse
Theme: Crime

... its just brilliant! There are a myriad of sources i can exploit with regards to post apocalyptic environments. Of course everyone keeps screaming at me 'Fallout'. Which is no bad place to start. As for animals I can take any angle I like, from anthropomorphised animals, to realistic ones to mutants I guess! And the idea of Crime in a post apocalyptic world, they just go hand in hand!

So of course from this point I need to start asking and answering questions, slowly build up a story, a universe in which these characters reside.

What caused the apocalypse?
What sort of crimes would be committed in such a world?
What sort of situations are driving the characters to commit such crimes?
What creatures might survive an apocalypse?

Once I figure out a scene I might also be able to answer a few more questions such as what is my hero's purpose in this world. What is his/her quest?

Either way no sooner had I been given my subjects my mind was ablaze with questions to be answered and themes to investigate. But on with the session we were introduced to Mash-ups. Once more armed with his cards Justin dealt us a pair of contrasting characteristics to mash together and start creating characters. I was given Arabian Fairy. 

Now of course my first thoughts are of Aladdin and Tinkerbell. but I didn't want a character that was too flouncy so my first sketch is what essentially looks like a wiry Arabian warrior armed to the teeth. I then went in completely the opposite direction drawing and elven eared female. Finding my feet I tried to figure out what this character was like...
Severe, Tiny, Lithe, Quick, a guardian of something precious.

So came the idea that there was a totem involved. Something my arabian fairy would protect. This is when a gem was attached to the headdress of my first drawing. Later the idea evolved so that the totem might be a form of sacred scarab, that if reunited with a certain tomb, would release an enemy locked away inside.My sketches went on to take a slightly more ethereal and elemental turn what with Justin suggesting that fairies normally are influenced by nature. And their surroundings are usually an extension of their bodies. This led to the fairies using sand for wings but also as weapons. Finally my last idea was a slightly more comedic partnership- in that the scarab is animated. Its trying to get back to its evil master and our Arabian fairy keeps it on a leash so that the balance isn't upset. Of course if she takes her eyes of the little bug for one second, the whole world might be in trouble...!

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  1. These dynamic poses are awesome! She really feels arabic : D!