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Friday, 18 October 2013

Character Design- Shapes

So the last character session was all about shapes. How they unconsciously inform a viewer as to the persuasions of characters. Shapes each have their own connotations. Round and circular shapes make for cuddly, safe and friendly personalities. Squares, they're strong, stable and safe. Whereas finally triangles are sharp, dangerous and harmful. With these shapes in mind we were given various characters to draw, deducing the shapes they were constructed from, then changing those shapes to create a new feel to them.

I received a stylized hulk that couldn't have been more obvious. As soon as I got drawing I began to understand how shapes changed everything...

Continuing a similar exercise as before, we were encouraged to take characters we'd brought along as inspiration and replicate them using more or less complicated shapes. Whilst trying to lose as little personality as possible. Below I have 2 characters, the robot is known as B.E.N, he features in Disney animation Treasure Planet. Meanwhile the lady on the right is Anita Knight, who is from a children's programme entitled 'The Secret Show'

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