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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Character- possible final story idea?

So I sat and had a bit of a brainstorming bouncing ideas session with Samantha the other day about this project. I developed on the hybrid idea I last posted about. And now with a heck of a lot of evolution (pun intended) I feel like I’m heading somewhere!

On an island city, a genetics project is being pioneered- one in which human and animal traits are combined to create a new hybrid being- A life form with the best of both worlds. In amongst the testing, inexplicable events take place and shortly after, an unknown virus begins to spread outside the facility- killing people in a matter of weeks. The virus is quarantined on the island but trapping the inhabitants with the aggressive and fatal illness. The remaining scientists at the medical facility that survived the outbreak did their best to come up with vaccines for survivors. And when those didn't work, resorted to their most recent research into hybridisation to save themselves. Meanwhile the outside world fell prey to the virus anyway, only leaving behind those who were successfully genetically modified with animal traits. Whether they be Mammalian, Reptile or Aquatic.

Three generations of hybrids later, the human race is completely extinct and those on the island remain trapped there trying to survive on the basics and combating problems with their mutations and emerging societies and criminal underworlds.

So here we have the individual stories of my three characters....

The Hero-
A young medium class hybrid, with the traits of a Rabbit and a Wolf is paving his way in life by stealing items for the highest bidder in order to survive. One particular job changes his life when it is tasked to him by one of the right hand men of the overlord gang leader of the island. 

The hero is ordered to steal a file from a far removed inventor and engineer in return for a high level modification that would mean no one would dare cross him and he would live a long life. In doing so however the inventor is accidentally killed. In trying to save the life of the completely helpless hybrid he finds out the true value of the file he has stolen. It contains the details as to the genetics project and a list of names of who was involved and also clues as to the extinction of the human race and the evolution of current society. It completely incriminates the current Villain and his highest advisers as instigators of the genocide that nearly wiped sentient life from the face of the earth.

The Sidekick-
He is a rather juvenile lower class hybrid, with the traits of a Gecko and Chimpanzee. Though from the exterior he looks like a lower intelligence life form his mind is very evolved but yet he quite simply survives before he meets the hero and they form an alliance. He is a stealthy creature with sticky pads on his hands and feet allowing him to walk on shiny surfaces such as glass and even hang from them. Being built like a chimp his climbing skills are unparalleled He is incredibly dexterous and intelligent enough to plan out diversions and use tools to help his hero buddy when they're on a particularly tricky job.

The Villain-
Once a downtrodden scientist on the hybridization project who was quite frankly a genius. But he had issues with the distribution of power in society and control. Realizing the potential in the genetics project he put events in motion. Lacing his own body with the traits of a tortoise developing a slowed aging rate and also armor plating, he collected various resources that would sustain life such as medicinal supplies, vaccines, power generators and the like. Finally he executed the last part of his plan releasing a thoroughly aggressive illness into the world, knowing a pocket of the race would survive long enough to evolve with him. And that from that point onward he could rule over the new race. With his slowed aging and other mutants dying younger (such as those with the traits of the rabbit) evolution was fast and it allowed him to rewrite history and paint himself as the savior of the islanders. Their only hope of survival....

Right well that's the gang! As I mentally picture them so far and below are a few random sketches. The furry guys were vague hero experiments and the warthog guy could easily be a villains henchman... well possibly.

Anyway... working progress!!!

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