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Monday, 28 October 2013

Character- Story idea's

You'd think a post apocalyptic scene would be easy to write a story about, but I'm feeling somewhat daunted by the enormity of figuring out a story for this place. And with animal characters and crime as my theme I am struggling a little. Below however are some rambling ideas that have sprung out since the brief and a quick chat with Justin.

What kind of world is this, where animals are top of the food chain?  Is this another universe?
.... Possibly.

If I am to create another universe I would have to really work on the environment idea. However this could be a parallel universe in which humans may never have evolved...

Here are a couple of ideas that I have had so far.

The sickness- In a world that has been devastated by famine, a second wave of ill health is only being staved off by the monopolising villain. An enemy who has stashed all the medication he and his henchmen can find and using it as a bargaining tool to get anything he wants. Buying the loyalty of bodyguards and supporters, he rules all the gangs. The hero sets about robbing the villain of his medicinal supplies and turning his security against him, with the help of an ex-pharmacist sidekick who, as his best, friend bandages up our hero whenever he gets into a scuffle.

Hybridization- A distant future of earth see's humans inexplicably dying out, so in true 'adapt-or-die' style, science and medicine turn to evolution in order to survive. Scientists graft in the characteristics of animals into human subjects. Creating a sort of human race 2.0 eventually. And with each generation created they become more intelligent and more evolved than the last. Until many years down the line after humans have finally died out. All that are left are human/animal hybrids. The humans died out so fast that the various generations of hybrids are too young to remember what their scientist forefathers tried to teach them about the world they were being born into.

well its a working progress... I'm sure I'll think of something better formed soon.

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  1. I've already heard your stories..just wanted to say that the art is looking cool! Would be awesome if you finished it some day : D