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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Narrative and Character: The Beginning

Tuesday last week saw the briefing to our biggest most daunting term yet. To kick off year two we are embarking on a team based project on Narrative and Character- beginning with the narrative element. Split into roughly teams of three, we have each been assigned a time period in history. The plan is at the end of the project each short animation will flow one after the other to create a portmanteau film -or a collection of shorts.

For the duration of this project I will be creating with Meg Leslie (http://meg-leslie.blogspot.co.uk/) and Lucy Yelding (http://lucy-yelding.blogspot.co.uk/) and we were assigned the Atomic Era- 1945-1960. 

Immediately my mind was filled with the great Disney film 'The Iron Giant.' One scene that really sang to me was one where Hogarth Hughes, the nine year old protagonist, is sat in class watching an educational 'Duck and Cover' film which are synonymous with the period. Alongside was the idea that the human race might not be alone in the universe- Hogarth's Giant friend being the prime example of such an idea. And finally in the climactic scenes towards the end of the film, the fear of the atomic age is truly realized by the characters. 

So with our initial briefing over we got straight down to brainstorming. I made the mistake of being the scribe and below you can see the mess of ideas spattered across a notebook page. The general themes that came up in that session were all doom, gloom, war and fear. Pondering how we could go about creating something with this era, a comedy or something far more serious?

We got to doing some research into the subjects we could vaguely recall during our little session- disregarding those that were out of our time frame and trying to find interesting stories. When we'd exhausted our brains we finally turned to ideas of what to brand our little studio. Name generators started the ball rolling, an attempt at combining our names also provided amusement (MegEmUcy- Mega Moosey) eventually leading to the possible title of 'Apex Moose Productions' - no one said it had to make sense... And Lucy's quick sketch was quite inspiring!

There was a lot more development to go but in the meantime we had a little shake up...

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