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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Narrative and Character: Shaking things up and creating the Logo

After out initial research and trying to get stuck into group work on the Tuesday, the bomb dropped on Wednesday that Lucy was leaving and only Meg and I would remain. So far we have clung to the moose drawing of Lucy's, sure it can help us find the identity of our creative studio. With him as the basis I went into further development.

I wondered if I could play on the word moose and the expression. Testing the title 'Apex Moose' here and there. but toying with a suggestion of Meg's to make our studio 'Grumpy Moose' instead. After a few fun sketches I moved into photoshop for a little play around with a few ideas...


Still dissatisfied the logo went on for further remodelling. Having google searched your average moose but also looked up old cartoon styles, such as Peanuts comic strips and also baring in mind Loony Tunes the following development took place.

All thats left to do now is finalise his face and the typeface we'd like to keep. Meg will be doing the vectorising and we will finally have our Grumpy Moose!!

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