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Monday, 4 November 2013

Character Design: Anthropomorphism and Character Shapes

So over the last couple of sessions (I have indeed forgotten to post previous exercises) we have gone on to try adding character to inanimate objects. Below are my attempts to turn HarleyQuin into a hair grip. It sort of worked. I was helped a lot by the vacuum shapes in the grip matching Harley's eye shapes. Having completed that exercise I was assigned a gym as a place in which to crate animated objects. this I found much tougher not being very familiar with Gym equipment or quite how to give them a sort of anthropomorphism. I gave it a shot.

The next session was completely focused on shapes. Looking into characters to see how they were built and breaking hem down. Here I have Philoctes from hercules. A creature derived entirely of circles! My first attempt to break him down wasn't quite right but was corrected a little by the second attempt. the third attempt was to change his gender! But adding curves to a curvy figure was next to impossible!

We were then challenged to make our characters fat. Again with Philoctes that was practically impossible. So I grabbed a skinny character Roger Rabbit and managed something a fairly successful. Finally having watched a tutorial on the ageing process in character shapes and so forth, I created a random dog like character with an oldish face and proceeded to try and recreate him with different shapes (I also dabbled with a couple of different types of dog with again more shapes)

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