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Monday, 4 November 2013

Character Design: Character Props

In trying to figure out the kinds of things my characters might have a gave a vague attempt at designing them  as well. Nothing is solid yet per say but I do want my sidekick to be a four legged friend rather than a biped. Now his props were inspired by the idea that he would be back up support and mischief maker. Diverting unwanted attention from my hero character as he goes about his thieving. Although I liked the concept of little bracelet weapons and the like the whole idea does not fit with the kind of era or theme of post apocalypse. i need to think in terms of found objects hashed together. So these bracer ideas have been thrown out of the window for the time being.

Now in contrast I feel the designing of the villain and his weaponry is definitely heading in the right direction! The concept being that my villain is old. really old, due to the genetics of a tortoise being grafted into him. And therefore he has grown shell like plating to protect himself as well. He plays on his physical appearances and uses them to his advantage. Able to feign being the doddery old tortoise with a staff for support he can turn at a whim and strike someone down. And it is very difficult to attack him when he has protective armour. A staff is very easy to create from found objects even a modified weapon such as his one. I quite like this idea its very plausible for such a world and such a character.

I have yet to come to a satisfactory theme with my hero design and also prop or weapon. It may be that as his exact role evolves I suddenly find the items that describe him/her.

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