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Friday, 8 November 2013

Character Design- Design sheets, Research and general character bio's

So I have been meaning to complete these character influence sheets for a while but there are still a few gaps in the plan. Names are not that important at the moment, but things such as their goals flaws and weapons are still a bit wishy-washy in places. However these characters are really beginning to evolve in my mind. 

First and foremost this villain. He is the one thats the most clear in my head, although I am still pondering the idea of combining his turtle/tortoise-ness with other reptilians, say for example a croc or an alligator. However his personality and behaviour are really starting to come through. I feel he would be a lot like the evil tortoise character that features in the film 'Rango'. Controlling, scheming and feigning to be the perfect leader to the people (well... hybrids) over whom he presides. He'll be old, indicating and really pushing his 'so-called' wisdom. Although, my villain, over the generations he has lived has re-written history painting himself to be a better hybrid, someone others can trust and rely on. A leader. but one with the means to destroy anyone who crosses him...

Below is a random attempt at a rather gnarly and grumpy Tortoise hybrid.... I expect my villain to still attempt to dress smartly. Shirts and blazers and the like although they will be a little dishevelled what with it being post apocalyptic. I need to start attempting facial expressions but with animal faces and bone structures it's going to be a challenge. Although this blog post on anthropomorphism and case Study of 'Robin Hood' may prove extraordinarily useful!

Below we have a slightly sparse look into my Hero character. He/she is beginning to take shape but a few key components are missing, gender is one of them, but also the prop or weapon. Being a thief there are most likely tools of the trade. But I want to create something interesting. Something unique to the character that will very likely be handmade from found materials. Something to either help escape dangerous situations, lock picking devices, perhaps a sensor of some description. Maybe weapons such as a net gun or a dart gun.... I have yet to figure it out.

If there is one intriguing feature in this character its the age. Although I have written 'late teens' I want to stress the idea that my Hero's genetics mean that actually his/her lifespan is not all that long. If a dogs average lifespan is eleven years and a hare is five, the combination of sixteen years for an entire life is positively minuscule (by human terms at least). So to be of adolescence in my characters shoes would make them possibly only five years old in human terms.... Either way this starts to turn into a very confusing and interesting spin on my character. But this give my character another dimension and a reason to live on the edge, time is against them and I quite like that feature. Also it really hammers home their wants and needs- to live not just survive. And a genetic modification might just be able to do that.

My sidekick is on the way as well, gender also eludes me on this one. My little gecko/chimp could go either way. A rather young, smart little critter, that simply wishes for acceptance amongst higher level hybrids. Finding friendship in my hero character although is wonderful can be quite saddening for my sidekick. The lifespan of a chimp is around fifty years and a Gecko is anything between fifteen and twenty years, meaning the sidekick could far outlive my Hero. The Hero character is the only friend my sidekick has ever known. The only other hybrid to treat him/her as a higher level being. Losing such a friend would be devastating... So anything a friend can do to help is exactly what this sidekick intends to do. Other than exposing the villain for what he is, stealing a genetic modification from that villain for the hero is also on the agenda- whilst making a stamp on the world as a significant being of course.

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