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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Character Design: Jetpack Jones

his is our last exercise before finishing the term and interesting group task in which we loosely simulated a team environment working to a brief (and mean time constraints!) It turned out to be pretty good fun. A little messy here and there, with 'betrayals' as people switched groups taking their sketches and ideas with them. The sheets below show my contribution to the group including designs for several of the six characters for a new kids TV series entitled 'Jetpack Jones' and also a potential logo design or the series.

Here are the logo designs, the one inked out was the preferred design. 'Boltz' is the medical droid character and right hand robot to main character Jetpack Jones. Described to be slightly dysfunctional on occasion the final design chosen shows his left waving hand to accidentally be spreading bandages everywhere. Tessa Brainstorm is the technical genius and good friend of Jetpack Jones. Being associated with all things technological it made sense to give her scatty hair (no doubt there will have been a few electrocutions whilst experimenting), functional dungarees and a myriad of tools.

Here we have the bad guys. Dr Zantius Kromozone. The evil genius who likes to dabble in hybridising and mish-mashing things together, and his big old henchman Grok. A large gormless beast who has been subjected to a few of Kromozone's experiments.

Finally we were asked to try and create an environment design of some description and the most obvious and interesting one to me would be Kromozones lab/hideout. I think he'd be the type to keep his various void experiments in glass jars (hence the lineup in the background.) And I thought I might plonk in Kromozone in post production for some size reference.

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