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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Character Design: Mashups, Aliens and Environments

I am a fair bit behind on the blogging in general so here's a little catchup as to what was completed in the last few character sessions before the end of term. We covered a little on environments. I was assigned the Stone age wizard.I really struggled to try and come up with anything decent let alone draw it. ruing to create depth in a cave proved a bit more of a challenge than expected.

We were also asked to create an alien race using silhouettes. This of course has massive scope and the awful generic creatures started. (labelled as the randoms on the bottom right of'Alien Races'.) Narrowing it down with a specific environment in mind helped and was further aided by answering the question- is the being predator or prey? Somehow the cuddlier option seemed to be prey. With these beasties living in the trees I imagined them to have long languid forms for slipping between branches. Hanging and climbing about. The unfilled silhouette was the beginnings of a creature that might hunt my fuzzy creatures however his entire body wasn't completed.

Below are a couple of mashups. The first entailing the mashing up of two creatures from a desert environment. i tried to combine a Komodo Dragon and a Vulture. I think i could have probably done better in blending in that head. But sitting and talking with Justin about this creatures habits, he really started to take form! With webbed fingers and toes this creature can burrow into the sand and hide waiting for it prey. Its beak and talons provide the vicious tools necessary for snagging and pinning down prey before ripping it to shreds.

Continuing to mash things up here is the result of combining Nintendo's beloved plumber, Mario and Despicable Me's, Mister Gru. I really like the combination!!!!

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