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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Character Design: Sidekick and Hero Development

Having completed a sort of bust of my villain sometime ago, I tried to do the same thing for my more recently redesigned Gecko/Chimp. This time I tried to stay truer to to a Gecko's face and attempted the detail of scales.

I then did a similar things with the Hero design. Trying to imitate a dogs bone structure for the most part. The grafting on of the ears however proves to be a really tricky challenge. I really like the profile view of this character but I'm left unconvinced by the 3/4 and face on views.

Out of the pair of face on angles, the left was the original drawing, the right was a photoshop manipulated test to alter the positioning of the ears. Finding a 'normal' relaxed position for these is also proving rather difficult!

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  1. You might be finding the Dog / Hare hybrid hero a bit difficult because you've amost arrived at 'kangeroo'. I'd look closer at some of the source details...eg the shape of the hare's ears, the shape of the dogs skull etc. May be try putting the ears down or having them swoop back to give it a more Hare / Speed feel. Think of the hero as being dynamic and the ears reflecting that quality.