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Monday, 23 December 2013

Toolkit Maya Rigging

During the narrative project I created the entirety of the character using the Maya tutorials. Here I am using them as evidence of completing these tutorials. Please find below the work copied directly from this project including its development.

Feet and Legs
The series of images below are tests of the rigs leg and foot motion. Such as testing the IK handles in the leg (attaching the ankle to the hip and allowing the knee to bend). The toe tap appears fairly successful aside from the fact it looks a little extreme. 
There are constrained foot rolls and pirouettes being tested also. Finally, the biggest achievement is seeing the progression of the forward foot roll. From rocking back on a heel and moving forward onto the toes. (Seen in the last three images of this sequence.)

Spine and Neck
Here are the screenshots showing the binding of the head. The first is the neutral position, the second adjusting the opening of the jaw and the motion of the neck bending in the middle and from the point it attaches to the spine.

 These images  are the experimental binding of the characters bunches. The one below was a joking test to see if it would move.

  The pair below however show the motion forward and back depending on whether the character might tip her head forward to look at the floor or backward to the sky.

Finally below is a picture of the characters skirt completed using the technique of riveting. I can't pretend to understand it all yet, but I know if I tried the conventional rigging techniques we've been shown thus far my rig would have exploded.

 Arm and Han
The four following images show the construing of the fingers so that they might spread, close and clench into a fist.

 Here is a test of most of the binding, rigging and constraining on the arm. It appears fairly successful.

Here is the complete rig complete with all her controls, grouped and constrained for ease of use.

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