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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Adaptation: Back to Basic Shapes

So having looked at Fuzzy Felts I started to experiment with trying to create one of my 7 animals in simpler forms so that those shapes might combine, disperse and reform to communicate more about each species and help transitions between scenes of my info graphic.

 Below is my experiment with the proboscis monkey, (from left to right) the first of the three is the simplest version, the second developed eyes and the third had many more articulations. 
I am currently at odds as to which I should go with. I still quite like the face of the simplest monkey. But the complicated one allowed for a wider colour range, more complicated movement, as well as providing more 'base shapes' with which to disassemble and reform into new objects/ other scenes in the info graphic. 

However the complicated design consisted of 22 separate pieces! Meanwhile the simplest knocked it back to 14 pieces. The fewer objects there are the quicker it will be to animate. 
Gosh there are so many factors!

I also gave a shot at creating a Tasmanian Devil, Bobfish and, Aye Aye and Axolotl with the simplest base shapes, meanwhile trying to do a compromise of my Proboscis Monkey. They're starting to look quite cute now. 

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