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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adaptation: A Few More Tweaks

During my feedback session it was proposed to me some minor details that could be changed in order to make my characters that little more real and believable. The images below show some of the changed made when compared to the previous designs that I have blogged.

The condor was in need of some slightly beady eyes. it being a bird of prey. And i felt it needed a mrs sever angular look. Its an ugly scavenger of a bird and also the first design had a head that was far too large for its body.

The Tasmanian Devil was lacking its devil like qualities and so I went back to try and rejig the shapes a bit. I am still not unite sure if they're successful.

Finally a little alteration on the Proboscis Monkey. Lowering the brow to make him look ever so slightly more bemused. And adjusting the colours, seeing as the photographs would indicate theres this wonderful transition to a very ginger/red colour hair.

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