Sunday, 26 January 2014

Adaptation: The last of the Re-Uglifying Set

Below are the final two characters, the Tasmanian Devil and the Proboscis Monkey. With the Monkey I was mainly trying to get a grip on the body shape and I feel I got it with the help of those googled images the only changes to the body were various colourations. I tried to experiment with different eye shapes with the the monkey, I feel the expression will very much express his character. They do seem a little bit sloppy... so perhaps the 'sleepy' one.

Similar fashion to the proboscis monkey I toyed with the eye shapes and designs. What with the Tazzy Devil (as its affectionately known) being the most cantankerous fluffy critter. I made a few attempts at more angry eyes and also slightly crazed ones. They're known for going berserk when threatened.

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