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Friday, 24 January 2014

Adaptation: A little more Re-Uglifying

So I've been working on the creatures some more. Below you'll find the Axolotl has been altered to resemble its wild counterparts, rather than the pink albino ones you can find in the aquarium trade. There was a little play with the face and the fronds across its head but I am in two minds about the colours, hence there is a choice between the brown and grey versions of each style.

Next up is the California Condor. The face shape and colours both prove very interesting. As can be seen on the close up google images on the right. there are all kinds of colour pigmentation's on the condor. Orange, pink, lilac, yellow and so on. I tried to limit the colours slightly and in the end I find myself drawn to head variant 7 with a two tone effect rather than a single head colour. As for the wing shapes 8 just looks lazy and childish so I will probably go for version 9.

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