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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Adaptation: Post Pitch

So the top scoring idea's were...
The World of Glastonbury

The World of Type 


The World of the Aye Aye

With regards to the Glastonbury idea, it was suggested a taxonomy of the festival goers could be created. Fashionista's, old mods and rockers and such. However it transpires after doing some research the varying stereotypes aren't recorded. But simply the ages and the sheer numbers that attend. Interestingly the average age of the festival goer is over 35! The headline acts tend to be the older bands such as the Rolling Stones (very rarely a band that's younger than five years old) And points have been made that the event is much more middle class due to its pricing, excluding the younger demographics (who has £200 to throw away in their early 20's?)

Looking into the world of type, my feedback latched onto the idea of picking out the most hated of all typefaces and homing in on them. Perhaps exploring why they are hated. Below are a few examples of the most hated/ugly typefaces used. However knowing which ones are hated, I'm not quite sure where to take the idea from here. How would I turn this into an info-graphic?

Finally the Aye-Aye, the rather ugly and unloved and also very rare Madagascan creature. The idea of the creatures persecution was picked up on during the pitch, but if there aren't enough facts about the one creature then the possibility of doing a taxonomy on the most ugly or persecuted creatures. After finding out about the Aye-Aye I decided to look up some of the most ugly creatures on the planet and discovered quite a list. Some are downright creepy. Here are a few I would consider for a short info graphic about the worlds rarer and aesthetically challenged wildlife.

Thee Star Nosed Mole, The Blobfish, the Yeti Crab

The Aye Aye, The Coconut Crab, the Black Dragonfish

 The Naked Mole Rat, The Monkfish, The Goblin Shark and the Californian Condor

Again, much like 'The world of Type' idea. What to do with these creatures and how to form an info graphic eludes me. This is going to take some consideration...

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