Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Adaptation: Post-Tutorial-Re-uglifying Things

Having discussed progress with the project so far I now have a definite tone for my animation. 'The World of Rare and Ugly Animals' will be aimed more towards children. I feel more inclined towards creating a light hearted info graphic about endangered species than creating one which would need to have shock tactics, and be incredibly serious. Especially when the style I have chosen will be quite simple but also colourful. This leaves my script open for some comedic elements to make the whole video much more fun and I quite like this feature. It means I can also have fun with the design aspect a little. 

The last time I began structuring my creatures I made them far too cute, there is no ugly left in them. Since then I have started to reinvent the style slightly with the help of googled images of the fish and inspiring art style, below are my experiments with the Blobfish and the head of the Aye Aye. 

In the case of the Blobfish below, I'm not sure if I would like to add textures to these creatures or keep things to bands of colours.

Meanwhile the Aye Aye has undergone some sequential…. um... dishevelling. I wonder if, to make these critters weirder, whether I should perhaps exaggerate some features. But then again that may be pushing things a little too far...

Any feedback would be much appreciated


  1. I reckon blob fish 1 works very nicely as he is! Your world appears to be a cel-shaded 'flat' colour place.