Monday, 20 January 2014

Adaptation: Stop Motion Tests

Thursday last week I sat down in the evening and cut out a myriad of rounded forms so that I might be able to create a short stop motion animation employing the 2D simple shape of a Proboscis Monkey. I exported those files, fully expecting to upload them that evening with the designs (my last post on 'back to basic shapes') but for some reason the files failed. Here is my second attempt at uploading them...

There are 2 video's- One employs the idea of dispersal and reformation as was discussed in a tutorial session. The idea is that this dispersal can be a metaphor for the potential loss of the species. In time, some sooner rather than later, will just disappear. And fade from memory.
The second video involves a vague transition from the land based rain forest and descending into the ocean waves. Its an example of the flow I might use to get from scene to scene and animal to animal.