Monday, 20 January 2014

Adaptation: Style Research and Influences

I started to look up some interesting material so that I might find myself an art style.

I came across a few interesting articles on this site displaying some nice info graphics on populations of all kinds of things. They're particularly useful as I will need to find a way to express the lacking populations of my chosen rare animals.

I really hit Gold dust however when this design popped up on google.

And with one click a further fifty could be viewed. Here's a couple of my favourites

This is precisely the simplicity I was heading for when it came to achieving my ugly animal designs. The shapes can be easily disassembled and reconstructed into new thing.  The artwork is by artist Jag Nagra. With a little poking around, I found more of her work. The video embedded below contains other animals as well as many simplified celebrity faces as part of a 365 day project. Its beautifully economic!

If there's anything i can learn from Ms Nagra's style its to not be afraid of using angular lines and points. So far everything I've designed has had soft edges. It's time to get a bit harsher. Back to the drawing board I think!

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