Friday, 31 January 2014

CG Artists Toolkit: Rope Normals, Ambient Occlusion and Base Diffuse Maps

These pictures are from creating the Rope Normal maps. It was really cleverly created by use of two very simple if long Bakes being overlaid in Photoshop. With a little tweaking back in Maya with the sizing and multiplication of the tiles a very convincing rope texture was created.

In the Ambient Occlusion tutorial we created Occlusion maps using a program called 'xNormals'. Despite the fact that Maya has the capability of 'baking' out occlusion maps 'xNormals' completes the same task much much faster. Each of the pages below have been imported to photoshop. Each files contains a UV map, Occlusion map and Normals map (each to a layer) for the stone caps and bases, wooden planks and anchors and finally the pillars. Below are images of the Normals maps, having been combined in Photoshop ready for the next step of adding textures.

Using some high resolution photographed textures taken from CG Textures website, the images of a stone texture and wood plank texture were taken into photoshopped and tiled ready for application later. My plank one might need a little adjustment… There appears to e some rather clear cloning going on.

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