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Monday, 6 January 2014

Character Design: Outfits and Props

Getting towards the end and I suddenly realised I haven't posted the things I have completed thus far (Been assembling the Character bible) So below are experiments in costume design for my characters Frazer and Kochi. So Frazer will be sporting very ordinary attire all that is needed now is a bit more scruff. I find myself drawn to the second row mostly, what with him being a thief that needs to hide in the shadows. My favourite is the first of the three.

Having very recently decided Kochi is a female character, I really need to communicate her gender through her clothes as its very difficult to see this in her physical state. I felt little dungaree's were the best garment for her to wear and now I feel the casual blue denim one might be the route I need to go. I might however add more detail to the patterns to hammer home the girlyness.

Here are the props sheets for Kochi and my Villain Dr. Dylan McFarlen. Kochi uses a Bola. A throwing weapon to slow down pursuers or attackers so that her and Frazer might escape sticky situations. Fortunately such a weapon can be improvised with anything and everything. So long as there are items within reach to act as weights and rope of some description to tie things together then all is well.

 Meanwhile Dylan McFarlen, has two faces and therefore his prop reflects this about his personality. He masquerades as an old decrepit wise man (Toroise) who needs a staff to keep him steady on his feet. But out of the public eye and dealing with his thug/gang henchmen he threatens them with the dual bladed staff. A sharp twist either side of the grip allows the blades to slide into a functional position.

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