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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Maya Tutorials- Year 2 Pipeline Checklist

Pipeline Head Modelling
Head blocking
Nose, Ear, Neck, Throat
Hair, Eyebrows, Eyeballs

Pipeline Body Modelling
Torso, Lower Body, Arm, Hand, Shoes, Completion

Pipeline UV Layout
Head and Hair, Torso, Trousers and Shoes

Pipeline Skinning
Building a Ribbon Spine
Building the Skeleton, Skinning- Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoes

Pipeline Rigging
Feet and Legs, Spine and Neck, Arm and Hand, Grouping and Constraints

Facial Rigging-- Yet to be completed
Teeth And Tongue
Phonemes and Blend Shapes

Pipeline Texturing
Shaders and Color Blocking
Eyes- Yet to be completed
Hair- Yet to be completed
Shirt (Dress)- Yet to be completed
Jeans (Socks)- Yet to be completed
Shoes- Yet to be completed
Skin- Yet to be completed

Turnarounds- Yet to be completed

Lip Syncing
Jaw Bounce, Phonemes and Visemes
Teeth, Brow, Tongue, Eyes, Brow- Yet to be completed

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