Friday, 31 January 2014

Mudbox Introductions: Busted Robot

In the last session we were introduced to a legless version of a model Simon had made. A walking tank very Steampunk in its styling. We were then encouraged to put into practise what we have learned so far about making our own brushes and stamps in Mudbox to create effects such as rivets and creases. After a lot of playing around I did manage to create a rivet stamp. Although when it came down to messing with the preferences so that it showed up well was another matter. It was effective up to a point but in the end I used my stamp as a guide and sculpted those  that can be seen below by hand.

A necessary feature for our busted robots were 'straight lines' however creating one freehand is next to impossible. Eventually we were shown how to use the freeze tool to create that. (I however continued to have trouble with mine for quite a while as it insisted on feathering the edges I wanted crisp.) I did manage to wrangle a few happy accidents out of it though. In the next few sessions I believe we will be adding more detail such as rust. I got ahead of myself however and applied a texture to the surface already, seeing as I was getting into creating battle scars for this walking tank.

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