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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mudbox Introductions: Creating tools

So today we went into more detail on Mudbox after a general overview last week. Quite a lot went on today. So many tools and things to help in sculpting. It proved really interesting. So much so I spent less time doing, more time watching and trying to absorb. But I have a few samples of working.

So the main event covered was creating new stamps. The tools by which you can sculpt your model. We began with making ourselves a 'crease' tool, utilising photoshop and painting a sort of brush shape, and then importing the 'stamp' into Mudbox. There we could adjust various settings and finally use it in sculpting things. The tattoo like test was my final 'crease' Tool being used. It seemed to work quite well!

The below was me experimenting with the crease tool and also things like the Freeze tool, so that I might sculpt the hair without interrupting the facial features (not that I'd moulded any!)

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