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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Adaptation: Crafty Textures Investigating (Games)

After another tutorial session, the plan is to build off of this idea that the environment/world is created from a theme/texture. My first examples include 'Kirby's Epic Yarn' (by Good-Feel and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo) on the Wii or various worlds featured in 'Nintendoland' On the WiiU (By Nintendo)

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Here's an example of the gameplay for 'Kirby's Epic Yarn' (Please note that the commentary does contain expletives and a few gimmicks that might be offensive to some people.) In this game, the developers really took advantage of the environment and the way the characters interact within it. Characters Kirby and Prince Fluff morph and change shape because they're made out of yarn. Various stitches and buttons in the environment space allow different areas of the game to become accessible or visible. Evidence can be seen in the video at around 3:20 with the pulling of a cord. Another nifty play, seen at 2:38, is when the characters are enabled to slip under the appliqué patchwork of the world to access the next area and add another dimension to what is essentially a 2D platformer. There are a few other examples throughout the gameplay but you get the gist.

Nintendo Land

The Nintendo Land game was designed to be a Nintendo based Theme park with different mini games as the 'attractions'. Interestingly the look of a few other 'attractions' have cute/textured looks not too dissimilar to Kirby  but in a 3D environment.

Nintendo Land: Animal Crossing Sweet Day
Here's a video of how this particular game works and offers a better look at the world in which the characters run around. 'The Animal Crossing Sweet Day' attraction, combines cute patchwork quilt with brightly coloured Candies. And the enemies run around with a knife and fork for weapons, offering a different look at the scale of things.

Nintendo Land: Legend of Zelda Battle Quest

A little more form the same Youtube channel (Dazran303) shows a play through of Zelda BattleQuest also offering a great look around of the stitched up universe. Note a few landforms created by zips and buttons.

Nintendo Land: Takamaru's Ninja Castle


Finally another attraction within Nintendo Land would be 'Takamaru's Ninja Castle', (again a link to another play through by Dazran303.) The design has an origami theme, mixing up cardboard and paper characters and scenery of a first person (throwing-star) arcade game. It is very simple in its design, great use of coloured/textures papers to add a thoroughly Japanese look to the scene. In some of the settings you can really see the corrugated cardboard.

Little Big Planet

'Little Big Planet' is a game created by Media Molecule and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. (The video linked is a play-through that really showcases how the game works as its the tutorial stage) Its is a puzzle-platformer game that can be played solo or in multiplayer mode. Adventure levels can be played, but the freedom to design worlds and share them are what makes this particular franchise iconic. 

There is a really nice, strange, mashup compilation of textures. There are stickers, the background is constructed from various materials such as paper, card, fabric, wood and stone. Its like one giant collage inhabited by sack people characters. Another feature is the scale of things. Sometimes the background paintings imitate a real environment such as a garden seen from an ants point of view. Indicating the characters are very very little.

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  1. The little big planet images remind me of George Melies sets, very theatrical and Lo-Fi. Just enough to create the scene. Look up 'Button Moon' too.