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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Adaptation: My top poems

In trying to work out which of Shel Silversteins poems I wanted to take forward I realised I could move things along in a linear fashion, with each poem launching the reading of the next in an Attic environment. Attics are full of junk. In many cases toys long since forgotten, placed in storage ready for the next generation to play with. ornaments and furniture that have no room in the public eye (or are thought too ghastly) Either way that leaves me with a lot of inanimate objects to play with.
Below are the selection of poems I rather like and the order I think is most suitable for them to be read and animated.

So here's the narrative idea….
With the reading of 'A light in the Attic' the light switches on, illuminating the cluttered room leading to 'The Lost Cat', ambling around with the hat on its head and bumping into things. It collides with a chest of drawers or a table leg, atop of which and scattered below are children's toy shapes and blocks. This leads neatly into 'Shapes' as the cat is the reason the triangle falls onto the square. In rushing the square to the hospital, the shapes roll past a little girls kitchen set with a blackboard close by. There the characters of 'What did?' can come to life and enact their story. Finally the tinkle of the teapots lid shutting up (what with the inability to talk), wakes up a halloween bat decoration dangling on a piece of elastic from the light fitting in the ceiling. From there 'Batty' can be read and finally the light is turned off, thus ending the adventures in the attic.

Its only a rough idea but I feel it could work. Even if it is a little challenging. I am looking at a lot of characters to design, rig skin and animate and so forth, let alone modelling an entire cluttered attic. I feel 'Shapes' will be a simple enough animation to complete, utilising squash and stretch. I will need to work out how to portray the word play present in 'What did?'. And also I'd like to try and animate the springy elastic nature of those fake bat decorations for halloween. The motion has an element of sporadic panic about it that perfectly suits the emotion of a terrified baby bat. Though it sounds like a lot. I rather feel geared for the challenge. Next step, to find some cluttered attics and start some designing and possibly find a style...

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  1. Hi Emily.

    I agree this could work but as you say 'it is a little challenging'. I think you should plan your work as two teir project....the assests (designs, models/rigs, and environemnt) and storyboard/animatic first then if there is time an animation. I would much rather your time be focused on quality as opposed to amount of work - Be ambitious but don't spread yourself too thin.