Friday, 7 February 2014

Adaptation Part A- Infographic

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  1. I think I would put your infographic in the category of needing a bit of tidy up and touch of editing to make even more successful than it is. The reason I say that is because it has very good DNA, the topic, information, the designs, the animation, the tone, the sounds are all very good, however on occasion things seem to be a little ‘mixed up’ visually - Particularly concerning the amount of things on screen (stacked / overlapping). The Blob Fish scene featuring the sugar, Australia, and Big Ben for example is told in an overlapped fashion (floating map / sugar wipe) which reads as a bit visually ‘messy’. The almost empty scene for Big Ben again is less satisfying than you’re other scenes too (In fact the Big Ben information is something that could have been rethought / retold or removed as it interrupts the flow). The use of a blue human silhouette and the overlapping title cards (fading?) again cheat your otherwise good art direction / methodology. Finally I would lose the opening shot and begin with blob fish falling into the water. However, this being said the Aye-Aye scenes are very successful as is the majority of your infographic. Well done Emily.

    Note: Your infographic needs a different title font (too formal / generic).

    For the Adaptation part B;

    You have a tendency to pick large / ambitious project which you struggle to reduce and refine fully -often things get cut out towards the end of the project. Whilst I like your ambition and wouldn’t remove that aspect from your creative methodology I would recommend being more decisive in the early stages to help refine your ideas before beginning, give yourself room for success.