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Monday, 17 February 2014

Adaptation: Research and Revisions

Revising the plan…
So previously I put together a bit of a bold plan to say the least and after a tutorial session last week realised, I really need to pare it back if I want to survive the term and not burn out in the process. So the new plan is as follows. Create the assets. Design the Attic environment from which the poems can take place or be read from. Which means finding a really good style by which to construct such a space. And then do a bit of character design, creating the creatures/critters that feature in one or two of the poems.

This influence map is a mix of children's television programs involving more traditional
storytelling with a narrator or environment from which the story takes off. They might be able to help me get a feel for a style to create my own environment.

The majority of the shows are current, to be found most weekdays on CBeebies- but some date back. In every case they employ a variety of animating techniques- stop frame, 2D, 3D, CG, puppets and set-design. Sometimes a combination of several per TV show.
Featured above are…

64 Zoo lane’- Animals at a zoo recall their adventures to the little girl who lives next door.
CBeebies Bedtime Story’- Celebrity actors read various children's books.
'Tinga Tinga Tales.'- African Animals tell the story of how they got their features. A 2D-animation
'Old Jack's Boat'- Actor, Bernard Cribbins tells stories of his adventures at sea on his boat 'Rainbow' with his Dog 'Salty'
'Driver Dan's Story Train'- A group of CGI plushie characters ride about on a train on various adventures stopping in story corner to read a book. A mixture of CG and live action.
'Bear in the Big Blue House'- A large Bear tells various stories to his little friends within his big blue house. This one involves a costumed actor and various puppets in live action.
'Storymakers'- A storyteller and his two puppet friends create stories using their 'imagination'. A mixture of animation, puppets and live action.
'The Mr Men Show'- a more recently animated version of the Mr. Men characters.

In seeking out these shows I was reminded of a few others which feature in this influence map. And which led into the third influence map.

Here I've got a few more samples of the styling behind 'the Mr. Men Show'. Its is very much like 'The Secret Show'. Block colours and 3D space cleverly hinted at. Others include the complete 2D 'Simpsons', the 3D environment for the game 'Banjo Kazooie', the 2D flatness that is 'Southpark' and finally a few random google searches.

This particular influence map includes some more interesting game environment designs in that they play on the 'material' from which they constructed. Some taking a running theme and adapting it…. (well isn't that a delightful coincidence.) You can see in the above images some hints towards patchwork, paper, card and the like.

Featured are 'Little Big Planet'
'Nintendoland: Legend of Zelda Battle Quest'
'Paper Mario: Sticker Star' 
'Kirby's Epic Yarn'

I feel drawn towards the idea of altering the way in which the environment might be constructed to enhance the childlike cuteness of the nonsense poems I wish to explore.

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