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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Adaptation: Shedding Some Light on the Attic

'Attic: A space or room inside, or partly inside the roof of a building'

The attic. Its often an empty space that ends up packed with stuff in most domestic homes. One great description form wikipedia being 'they are known for being awkwardly shaped spaces with exposed rafters and difficult-to-reach corners.' Which is most definitely a trait people can associate with. Its usually a cluttered uncared for space. Unless the house owners appear to be economical and decide to turn it into a viable environment, converting the space into a bedroom, a study, games room and so on. 

Baring in mind the text I would like to adapt. Shel Silversteins nonsense poetry couldn't be more at home than in a cluttered attic. I am partly inspired by his cover sketch indicating the 'attic' is a metaphor, for the mind. 

So to get a feel for the space I sought out a few attics. Some fabricated through CG, some genuine spaces. Each and every one is very different in shape, size and lighting.

Finally another thing I will have to consider is what will be in a nonsense attic. In all honesty you can find just about anything in your average attic let alone a nonsense one. It might be all down to the most random and mundane selection of objects, stylised in a certain way that will really bring the place together as a whole. Something like Harry Potter's room of requirement is another idea to take into consideration. Treasured things, unwanted objects, cast out broken things, stacked and piled high.

Whatever I choose, I will still need to fit in the characters that feature in Silverstein's poems, such as the Baby Bat, or the Shapes.

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