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Monday, 3 February 2014

Adaptation: This Sounds Fun

I have been thinking about the sound of my info graphic for a while, amalgamating some general sound effects including underwater and rainforest ambiences. A few comedic sound effects and Foley,such as splats and splashes as well as a few noises for my characters. The only other thing missing was a general  subtle soundtrack to pop in over the top. Seeing as my info graphic is aimed at the younger age group, my main inspiration  is the Wii co-op game 'Kirby's Epic Yarn' Watch the trailer below to get a good sense of the mood I'm aiming for. The cuteness factor also helps…

 I have been rifling through the library's of the music making program Garageband and feel I may find some loops I can mix together to create a little soundtrack. Below is a re-render of a previous test, complete with sound and a test soundtrack. There are a few cue issues with the sound, but I'm slowly working out the kinks.


  1. Hi Emily - I think you should be careful about glooping a single Garageband track over the top of everything; I liked what was happening in your other SFX mixes. I think you could use the music more sparingly - perhaps for opening credits or intro or segues between scenes, but yes, avoid the 'gloop' effect...

    1. I did wonder if it might be overkill on second thoughts… But I'm not sure how to go about sparingly without making things a little too empty. (My test on using the tune on just the transitions between characters feels really gappy currently.) Is it a case of filling out general background effects. For the under water, more bubbles and swishes and then more clicks and squarks etc for the rainforest?

  2. Yes - you need to create 'sound beds' - exactly that kind of ambient, not-too specific 'sound wash' to keep the 'plain white' of 'silence' at bay.

  3. Slightly off topic but regarding your transitions. It would add another dimension if you had one remaning shape linger and blend with the next transition. The bubble for example could keep rising into the next scene and become part of the clouds. You could repeat the same logic for each change.

    Also, I agree with Phil about your sound