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Friday, 14 March 2014

Adaptation: Change of Plan!

So I have been struggling to create the concept art for my attic space for a while now. Initially having covered the idea of creating a world made of paper, plasticine and fabric and the like  had chosen fabric patchwork land. As inspired by games such as 'Kirby's Epic Yarn'. Below are my attempts to texture some stuff, such as cardboard boxes in fabric materials taken from the website CG Textures. And then I tried to create an entire scene. Its still incomplete, but its one heck of a confused mess and I completely lost all enthusiasm for the idea. I so desperately wanted the cute squishy nature of Kirby in a 3D universe. I wanted the environment craft- like and childlike. But this approach doesn't seem to be working....

'Kirby's Epic Yarn'- on the Nintendo Wii

After discussion with Phil and going back to the beginning it may be the case that I went in the direction of the wrong textures. (I did previously explore creating a physical little set with a mix of plasticine and cardboard.) And after being shown the award winning short 'An Audience With' I realise that this is the technique I've really needed all along. A mix of fully resolved 3D objects, insinuated shapes, hand drawn toon-lines and textures. It's downright brilliant and reminds me somewhat of the styling used for 'Little Big Planet.' And also heads int he direction of the 70's episodes of Paddington Bear.

'An Audience With'- David Keefe

Little Big Planet

Its this mixture of roughed up textures that really works well with Shel's original works. his inky nonsense illustrations suit an environment like this much more than that of patchwork fabric. I also need to rethink whats in the attic space. Perhaps running through the entire book of nonsense poetry and taking objects within the poems, or perhaps creating port-key symbols to represent them.  This space after-all is essentially a conduit into his world of nonsense... 

 'A Light in the Attic'- Shel Silverstein

Time to rethink that space, its content and redraw (a bit quicker than last time!) To concepts!!!

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  1. I like attic number 3 and each box thumbnail... : D