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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Adaptation: Concept Painting

To start with my attic space I found it easiest to try and visualise various corners, nooks and crannies you might find up there, nestled amongst the junk and other paraphernalia.

I liked thumb,nails 1, 2, 4 and 5. 1 has open and cloud spaces to be found and a great light source from the lamp. The suitcase could easily be a hideaway for the characters. 2 offered up to the idea there is an entire world inside the drawer of the Attic universe. There is an interesting point of view to be found in 4,  as it is very easy to visualise various items being stacked and balanced across the beams while having an interesting light source from the naked bulb. Finally in 5. the central box is almost a castle in the middle of the landscape, next to the mountainous beams craning over the top.

Taking some of the thumbnails I liked best I started to add colour and fill up with stuff. A lot more work is needed so that the spaces communicate better.

Below are my first attempts at thumb nailing the characters from the poems 'Shapes' and also the baby Bat from 'Batty'. I feel the shapes might have hands and feet by which to traverse their world, but perhaps they are retractable. Or perhaps they traverse around on their shapes rolling around (more awkwardly so for the triangle and square, but all the same) I like the expressions that came out of thumbnail 4 but also the leggy characters in 3 and 5. 

Here the baby bat takes on very simple shapes and cartoon like form. I feel drawn to thumbnails 2, 4 and 8 here.

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