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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Adaptation: Creating the 'Special' Props

I'm currently modelling the objects that would be interactive allowing a child a window into another of Shel's poems from the attic space. I've tried to narrow the objects down to a shortlist. Here's the progression in creating some of them below. (And also the title of the poem from which they originate)

First of all, a child's shape box. Ready to house the character 'Square' 'Triangle' and also 'Circle' from the Poem 'Shapes'. This is the most important model as it is this poem I have chosen to create a proof of concept piece. I intend to animate the simple shapes enacting their poem, ready for the later addition of the text involved in After Effects. Based on the sketch designs above.

You can see below the saga that was building what should have been a simple toy box, for the poem 'Shapes'. I didn't really think it through and eventually it evolved into a better built model! EventuallyI went back and using the animation tools distorted the shapes to create a highly toon shaped object.

Next came the guitar, for the poem 'My Guitar'. So I modelled one, (badly initially) and kept remodelling, before finally distorting the shape with a little animation to create the distorted look present in my environment space.

And then came the Umbrella from the Poem 'Snap!' I initially made it just a tad too detailed and took out a few edge loops towards the end. But I liked the idea of a few contours being present. Hopefully texturing using line drawings they'll cross over each other creating and interesting effect. I finally used a bend and lattice to adjust the shape. I'm not sure If I need the lattice however. So I have decided to keep a version only consisting of bent geometry.


Now the slightly simpler carpet roll (or so I thought) I made several attempts at creating the roll. Before settling on a CV curve approach.  A little distortion was created using he animation :attic and bend tools.

Finally, last but not least I created a Teapot.  With a similar approach to the otter creations, the eventual product was distorted using animation. So my pot's a little wonky.

Here's the line up of the 'Specials'

Next... the rest of the attic furniture. ( A line up of about 20 items, plus however many boxes and crates I might need to fill up the scene!)


  1. Love these, Emily! Onwards! :)

  2. So cool : D I really like how wonky these objects are! : D