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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Adaptation: Environment Tweaking

As a last addition to the main environment space, I had a little play with the idea of modelling the floor boards. I don't think its such a great idea in the long run. It increases my geometry exponentially and I think I will be threatening the simplified nature of the scene if I start to model every little detail. (The light fitting and switch is probably as detailed as it gets...) Also, sadly, ou can't actually see the modelling in the camera view I have chosen

Oh I also went back and remodelled those windows again. Silly idea really to have sculpted them out of the wall. Its far better to create the frame and sill as separate pieces. Its a little less putty like now and makes that wall and window look a little more real (in its own quirky way)


  1. I actually like how the floor looks like with modelled wood : ( Are you sure there's no point in incorporating it in the scene? : D

    1. Hehe, we shall see, maybe I should revisit the idea :P... After I've built all the furniture haha!