Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Adaptation: The Final Goal and some Modelling

Now there is a new idea firmly in place. My end goal for this adaptation project is to create an environment space complete with a short animatic, displaying my proof of concept. The concept being that this environment is a portal into the world and work of Shel Silverstein ("A Light in the Attic".)

The environment would be interactive, its purpose, to aid young children learning to read. In 'clicking' on various items in the attic, an animation will play. The poem text, as it plays out, will appear on screen, so that the objects involved could also interact with it. Or simply to provide the opportunity to read aloud. There would be need for a voice over to initially read the poem. But perhaps the concept of the interface would allow the user to switch off the voice over, challenging the child to read for themselves. This project now involves me working out a branding but also a little bit of the interface design. Below are some vague logo designs I was toying about with. These could turn into the icon/alias to launch the program....

Currently I am modelling as many objects as possible that I gleaned from the book "A Light in the Attic"organising the forms into three categories. Sketchy, 2D and 3D.

Sketchy being a 3D object with the addition of hand drawn lines and colour. 2D being flat plane objects also illustrated in drawn line (I am trying to decide if there should be colour or not currently and finally 3D which will be made rather softly to emulate plasticine in its material. I believe it would fit well with the crayon and watercolour texture drawings.

The below are some of the 3D plasticine objects thus far including, a baseball bat and bal. A toddler chair, standing piano, chest of drawers, rolled up carpet and a cow ornament. The total list I took form the book consists of of 47 items which is being whittled down bit by bit into the three categories.

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