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Monday, 10 March 2014

Adaptation: Floor Plans and Maya Models

To try and figure out my attic space I tried drawing up some basic floor plans of the bulk of clutter you might find in an attic, complete with a key to one side. With completing these the easiest way for me to eventually complete concept art was to create the space in 3D with a camera view. (I tried painting straight out, but the added aid of a light and perspective in Maya really lender a helpful edge). 

Once I had shuffled the furniture around a bit and then taken some screen shots I can now try to choose my favourite view, before I finally concept art the space patchwork style. Below are the Maya versions of my floor plans, with a little adjusting. There's room for some more detailed items (such as the specific places in which the characters from 'Shapes' and Batty' might reside, broken musical instruments etc.) But those will be added in the concept arts later. 

Floor Plan 1

Floor Plan 2 

Floor Plan 3

Floor Plan 4

Floor Plan 5

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