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Monday, 31 March 2014

Adaptation: Modelling Furniture

So I started with the basic box and created a coupe of variations ready to fill out my scene later. Distorting them was fun, but I expect trying to stack them up might prove a challenge. I may have to tweak the geometry to try and make them fit together a little better

The next piece was working into the chest of drawers I had created previously, but adding the toony-flare to the form. This piece of furniture is a rather large part to my design, it features in most of my previously sketched scenes. It is mainly because of its practicality within the scene- Some of the other junk within the scene will probably lean against the chest of drawers. If not that then they may well be resting on the chests surface or in one of its drawers. I wound up starting from scratch with this version. Its had its own fair share of problems, extra inexplicable geometry. Edges misbehaving and the like. But I have managed to complete a wonky set of drawers!


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